Are you using Shopify and looking to track your checkout steps in Google Analytics? We've got two methods for you!

For the traditional method, simply add a code snippet to the GA section in your Shopify Admin. How? Here’s a Step-by-Step Guide to Adding Google Analytics Javascript

  • Navigate to your admin panel.

  • Click on "Online Store."

  • Select "Preferences."

  • Choose the "Google Analytics" section.

  • Scroll down to find the "Additional Google Analytics Javascript" field.

  • Paste the code provided below into this field.

  • Save your changes.

If you're using Shopify Plus, you can easily rename your checkout steps in Google Analytics by following these simple steps:

Log into your Google Analytics account and go to the Admin section.

Go to the View column and click on E-commerce Settings.

Enable Enhanced E-commerce Settings.

Add Checkout Labelling to rename your checkout steps according to your preference.

With this data layer method, you can easily track and analyze your checkout process for improved e-commerce performance. Follow these steps to optimize your Shopify Plus store today!

Follow these simple steps to improve your analytics data and gather insight into customer behavior.