Sometimes after you install our application, configure your Features, download and then import and publish our application template you find that some Tags are not triggering and tracking your conversions.

Please follow these steps:

Step 1: Log into Google Tag Manager

Step 2: Open the Tag Page in the Left Frame

Step 3: Validate that the Tag is not Paused

  1. In the far right column, if you see this symbol, the Tag is paused
  2. Select the Tags (check box on left) that are Paused that you wish to enable and then press the button circled in red.
  3. Then click the Submit button to save and Publish your changes

Step 4: If the Tag isn't Paused, then Open each Trigger that isn't Triggering and Document the Event that Tag Manager is Looking For

Step 5a: Validate that your Store's Website is Configured to send the configured Website Events and Update your Website accordingly

Step 5b: Document the Website Events that your Store is Configured to send for each Tag and Open a Support Ticket requested that we customize your Tag Manager.

Note: you will need to grant admin access to for your Tag Manager account to perform this work.

Note: Depending on the Website Events that you have configured, this task may take some time if we need to engage the developers to implement this custom configuration.